Saturday, July 04, 2009

Brett & Kate ... are. so. great.

And they say Navigators are Never-daters...

Thank you, Brett and Kate, for breaking that rule :) This travel-loving, beautiful couple met through mutual friends, but started dating because of a random rendezvous in the airport baggage claim! Guess they found more than just their suitcases on those metal conveyor belts...

This wedding was very special. It's always a beautiful thing when 2 people who love the Lord decide to team up, live life together, and love both each other and the people around them - that's exactly what Kate and Brett are out to do. From the moving ceremony to the hilarious and meaningful speeches (esp. the stories about Kate striking out: "What is a strike anyways?") to the bumpin' dance floor, this wedding was a celebration! Thanks so much, Fugates, for letting me be part of your big day.

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