Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Love is a Battlefield? No, ma'am. It's a party.

I have been to a LOT of weddings by now, and I can honestly say that I've never been to one quite like this. Celebration is an understatement! Ann & Larry told me at our initial meeting that they simply wanted to have one big party with their best friends, and all I have to say is: Mission accomplished! Pre-wedding cocktail hour, post-wedding cocktail hour, dancing, delicious dinner, and a Star Wars theme to boot! I could shoot weddings like this all day long :)  There were a few things I had never seen before: broach boquet (SO cool), Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker cake topper (which were actually Larry's childhood toys), and an absolutely stress-free bride and groom! I was honored to be part of this celebration, and I hope more couples will consider the pre-wedding cocktail hour ;) Congratulations, Ann & Larry– I really wish you all the best! 

** This wedding and reception all took place at Springs Orleans restaurant downtown, and I'm happy to report that the food was DELICIOUS and the staff was very kind and helpful! It's worth a visit.

LOVE this!

SO many cute kiddos at this celebration

The Tuesday Night Club! (they've been going to happy hour every Tues for the last 15 years or so)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Berfday, 'Merica!

Being the photographer for COPPeR is a thing that I love. They do so many wonderful things in our community by keeping arts organizations connected and by hosting PeakRadar.com, which is a website that will tell you all things artsy going on in Colorado Springs. They are awesome! But what I also love are the events I am privvy to because of my relationship with them. They are always so fun to shoot!

This 4th of July, they asked me to photograph the COS Philharmonic performing at the US Air Force Academy before the big fireworks show. I was not aware before the event that I would need some sort of special pass to get onto the field, so luckily I ran into Roslyn Block of the Philharmonic who graciously gave me her extra performers' pass. Next thing I knew I was down on the football field and climbing onto the side of the stage getting to play with my new 85 mm lens (that I'm in love with)! My wonderful roommates tagged along for this event, which was SO fun, so I'll have to include some shots of them enjoying the fireworks :) If you're looking for something to do next 4th, I highly recommend this event– great music, a little dancing, kids painted red, white, & blue, and a breathtaking fireworks display! (just don't try to bring in a water bottle that's already been opened... or your own cooler... or snacks... or weapons... or fireworks... or puppies... *sigh*)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Shot Another Family :)

Clever people are hard to find. You know why? Because this family has almost all of them! I have known one of the couples from this shoot for a long time and find them to be some of the funniest people I know. It turns out that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Everyone did such a good job hanging out in the heat for a couple of hours– even baby Piper, who's still weighing in at under a year old. Speaking of Piper, she got to taste her very first lollipop on this shoot, and it's pretty clear that she's a fan of sugar! (she cried when they took it away from her; at least we documented her enjoyment first) Anyways, everyone was such a good sport and we fought the direct sunlight as best we could. All in all, a fun shoot with some even fun-er people  :)

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