Friday, August 06, 2010


“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

:: Coco Chanel ::

And that is how I would describe this wonderful TCA Senior, Amara.
I was initially excited just to photograph her bright red, wondrous hair, but was even more excited to find out she was a cowgirl and wanted some cowgirl country shots. I love it! We had a great time photographing in their friend's garden/backyard where Amara used to play growing up. With the country, though, come the country animals. I expected we'd have interference from a horse or rooster, but we actually had the darndest time with the cat! I had to crop cat tails out of a chunk of the pictures since the cat seemed pretty smitten with her. At any rate, a good time was had by all (cat included), and here are some of the favorites.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


I love shooting for COPPeR! This organization does SO much for our community, specifically for the arts community, and I'm proud to work as their official photographer. They run a website called Peak Radar that is chock full of exciting (and sometimes f-r-e-e) cultural events happening in Colorado Springs.

Having said that, now I am glad to tell you about this concert COPPeR had me photograph for them the other day. Latigo. According to Wikipedia, latigo has 4 definitions:

Latigo has four meanings: Latigo Is a type of leather used on saddles to help them stay in place. It is part of the girth. For a definition on girth please refer to the folllowing lnk:

Latigo is also an automobile

Latigo can also refer to a newpaper comic strip by Stan Lynde.

Latigo can also refer to a Mexican-American Surname and/or Last Name. It also came from Spain and expanded to Mexico Throughout The U.S. Ex. Pancho A. Latigo.

Those sound pretty nice and all (especially the name Pancho Latigo), but they failed to mention the up and coming country band from here in Colorado! Now, I really don't like country music, which I feel shameful about sometimes seeing as that I'm from Nashville. But, I just can't get into it. This band was really fun, though, and I was surprised at the number of people up north who came out to 1st & Main off Powers & Carefree to sit in the grassy field in front of a movie theater and rock out for a few hours. It was so fun! There were cute kids playing, teenage boys dancing, older people flapping fans, and the lead singer ... well, he was either flirting with me or the camera. But the camera sure did love him, so I guess that's better than nothing :)

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