Saturday, July 04, 2009

Dirty Dancing?

Glory be. Mine and Shea's inaugural professional collaboration. (how's that for big vocab?)

I went to NY with Shea (my best friend from college) to help shoot this wedding, and her sister Lindsey (who was my fave biking buddy when I lived with them in the summer of '02) did hair and makeup. Talk about a dream team! The wedding was super fun - more of a weekend event than a 5-hour one. We went to the Adirondack League Club, which is like that camp in Dirty Dancing where the society elites go to "rough it."

Alan and Lyndsay met in college in Wilmington (where Dawson's Creek was filmed...ha) and have been together for 4 years. The weekend was a blast - definitely 72 hours of celebration! here's a few sneak peeks.

This Apple's not BIG enough for us!

This was quite possibly the best 24 hours I've had this year.

Broadway show (9-5), revolving rooftop restaurant, hotel room that barely fit the bed, fruit stands, hot dog stands, NY pizza, Ground Zero, Central Park, B&H photo supply (woot!), and of course... a good old fashioned NY Chipotle burrito :)
(Lindsey's FIRST one EVER)

Even though Shea and lil' sis Lindsey live multiple states away, we still got to participate in our favorite pasttimes (traveling and laughing) and work professionally together for the first time ever! What a good deal. Thanks to Shea for inviting me on this "job" and thanks to Linds for opening me up to the world of makeup again. This was absolutely awesome, but I'll let the pictures do the talking.

[there was construction in Times Square, so people just took the blocked lanes as opportunity for a block party]

(iphone - checks out to be pretty handy, much to my Verizon dismay)

Brett & Kate ... are. so. great.

And they say Navigators are Never-daters...

Thank you, Brett and Kate, for breaking that rule :) This travel-loving, beautiful couple met through mutual friends, but started dating because of a random rendezvous in the airport baggage claim! Guess they found more than just their suitcases on those metal conveyor belts...

This wedding was very special. It's always a beautiful thing when 2 people who love the Lord decide to team up, live life together, and love both each other and the people around them - that's exactly what Kate and Brett are out to do. From the moving ceremony to the hilarious and meaningful speeches (esp. the stories about Kate striking out: "What is a strike anyways?") to the bumpin' dance floor, this wedding was a celebration! Thanks so much, Fugates, for letting me be part of your big day.
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