Saturday, July 04, 2009

This Apple's not BIG enough for us!

This was quite possibly the best 24 hours I've had this year.

Broadway show (9-5), revolving rooftop restaurant, hotel room that barely fit the bed, fruit stands, hot dog stands, NY pizza, Ground Zero, Central Park, B&H photo supply (woot!), and of course... a good old fashioned NY Chipotle burrito :)
(Lindsey's FIRST one EVER)

Even though Shea and lil' sis Lindsey live multiple states away, we still got to participate in our favorite pasttimes (traveling and laughing) and work professionally together for the first time ever! What a good deal. Thanks to Shea for inviting me on this "job" and thanks to Linds for opening me up to the world of makeup again. This was absolutely awesome, but I'll let the pictures do the talking.

[there was construction in Times Square, so people just took the blocked lanes as opportunity for a block party]

(iphone - checks out to be pretty handy, much to my Verizon dismay)

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