Saturday, July 04, 2009

Dirty Dancing?

Glory be. Mine and Shea's inaugural professional collaboration. (how's that for big vocab?)

I went to NY with Shea (my best friend from college) to help shoot this wedding, and her sister Lindsey (who was my fave biking buddy when I lived with them in the summer of '02) did hair and makeup. Talk about a dream team! The wedding was super fun - more of a weekend event than a 5-hour one. We went to the Adirondack League Club, which is like that camp in Dirty Dancing where the society elites go to "rough it."

Alan and Lyndsay met in college in Wilmington (where Dawson's Creek was filmed...ha) and have been together for 4 years. The weekend was a blast - definitely 72 hours of celebration! here's a few sneak peeks.


Carmen said...

What a lovely setting for a wedding and special shots for them to remember their day!

Shea Halliburton said...

GAH. love all these... but i had no doubt you would be awesome. :) this wont be the last for this dream team.

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