Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Time to Be a Cool Kid

I am so privileged to be the staff photographer for COPPeR. The events I get to photograph for them are some of my most favorite memories, and they always remind me how much I LOVE MY JOB! This event was no different, of course. This was a press conference held for COPPeR to announce the arrival of the Peak Arts Card at Kirkpatrick Bank in downtown COS. This is an ingenious idea for our community–for the extremely reasonable price of $60, you can make a difference in the arts community in Colorado Springs and get discounts at all kinds of places. These kinds of places include but aren't limited to: Nosh (best sweet potato fries and sangrias in the country; believe me, I've tested it!), Jose Muldoon's, COS Youth Symphony, COS Philharmonic performances, Imagination Celebration (a fabulous organization I used to work for), Opera Theater of the Rockies performances, Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, and UCCS Theatreworks. What a treat for all! COPPeR sincerely does such incredible things for our artist community here in Colorado Springs, and this is just another shining example! I hope if you live in this area you'll consider purchasing one of these lovely Peak Arts Cards. Did I mention they're tax deductible? Well, lucky day for you–they are! Can't take it anymore and gotta get one? Go to this website right here, and you can be one of the cool kids:

The Beautiful ladies of COPPeR

Serenades in the bank are ALWAYS a good idea!

This little piggy bought a Peak Arts Card!
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