Wednesday, August 31, 2011

University Prep

I can't even express HOW MUCH I ENJOY shoots just like this one. Enthusiastic people who want to make a difference. Kids who are super cute (most of the time!) and whose lives will be changed forever. Justin Beiber backpacks. Little black shoes and khakis. Raised hands. Freshly sharpened pencils. The smell of people making a difference!  And me – just creeping in the background as a photojournalist. I love it! I love just capturing moments as they happen instead of having to create them. I love getting a pass into places that are otherwise off limits for your average citizen. Heck, even the board members and parents weren't allowed inside these school walls this first week! And there I was, camera in hand like a VIP pass.

These photos are all from the historic first days of school at University Prep in Denver, a school that believes in taking minority/underprivileged children and believing in & educating them all the way to college. In fact, if a child speaks softly in the Kindergarten class to answer a question, they will be told "Use your college voice." And the principal stands out front to greet and shake hands with each student every morning. I love it. I love what they're doing here at U Prep. A big thanks to them for letting me be a part of this, and a big shout out to Katie Skattebo for putting in a good word for me :)

full slideshow of the highlight reel can be seen here. (i'm kinda proud of this one) :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Double Trouble.

Well, actually it was less like double trouble and more like a doublemint gum commercial. You know, double your fun?  Taking senior pictures with 2 best friends is something I would like to do more of! These 2 crazy, beautiful, spontaneous, loving, unique, and FUN girls are very dear to my heart. I met them both before they were going into 9th grade, so it's hard to believe they're already about to graduate and move on to bigger and better things! I loved getting to photograph them together on this shoot because they have this wild, untamed energy around each other (which isn't great for trying to get "serious" photos!) that made it possible to bring out all kinds of personality in the shoot. I hope I get to do more Doublemint shoots in the future, because it was a blast. And just look at them?! Aren't they beautiful?? I'm going to have to bring a box of tissues to this graduation...


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