Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Now I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Eagle Lake is beautiful at all times. This photo shoot took place at Eagle Lake Camp, which is the main reason I moved to Colorado in the first place. Although, I'm used to seeing it with piercing blue skies, killer sunshine, green aspens that sound like they're clapping when the wind rolls through, and kids in shorts running around everywhere having the time of their lives. But I like this Eagle Lake, too...

Peaceful. Serene. Quiet. Magical. Not to mention the family I was asked to photograph are some of the most hardcore people I know! Lynn and Sharon live up at camp year round and keep the place running. Lynn can operate backhoes, chainsaws, and tractors, not to mention he can kill bears (and probably even fictional wild animals) with only a bow & arrow. Some say he was born with it; most say he's actually Chuck Norris. But at any rate, it was a special day (snowstorm ensuing and all!) with a very special family, and I was honored to be part of this special day! Thanks to Sharon for supplying the hot cider during this event :) 

The couple that started it all!
Did someone say Narnia?

David, my fearless (and cold!) new intern and a glimpse at how deep that snow was.

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