Friday, June 17, 2011

Cheese Curds, Kayaks, and Nuptials.

There's nothing like a good road trip to get you in anticipation mode for a great event. My dear friend Mariah joined me on this wedding adventure–2 days in the car to get to Wisconsin for the wedding of our friends, Katie and Max, 2 days in Wisconsin for the wedding, and 2 days in the car driving home! (good thing we get along well and both like audiobooks!)

If you've never been to Wisconsin, I recommend it! And if you've never driven there, Mariah recommends it! (she's likes those wide reaching plains and farms and cows). We stopped at the REAL Field of Dreams where they filmed the movie, which I found to be really amazing. We saw some wonderful old friends along the way. And once we arrived in Wisconsin, we had 1 whole day to relax before the wedding! We of course, filled that day with reading by the lake, kayaking, tennis, and (guilty pleasure alert) The Bachelorette. I had never watched that show until I was in TN a few weeks ago, and I just had to know what happened to the guy wearing the mask!

Anyways, then wedding day rolled around, and it was p-e-r-f-e-c-t. The weather did exactly what it needed to (though impending clouds of doom hung overhead most of the day), the farm where the ceremony & reception were held was beautiful, Katie looked like Barbie, Max's face when she came down the aisle was priceless, the wedding party and I got a tractor ride after the ceremony, and there was cherry pie for dessert! Does it get much better??  I submit that it cannot :) And on top of that, the brother of the bride taught me how to polka!  It was a fantastic celebration of a fantastic couple, and I was so honored to be a part of this day!  
Finishing touches.  

Praying with the bride

Praying with the groom

Most creative way I've ever seen a groom go for the garter!

Flower girls!

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