Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Love is a Battlefield? No, ma'am. It's a party.

I have been to a LOT of weddings by now, and I can honestly say that I've never been to one quite like this. Celebration is an understatement! Ann & Larry told me at our initial meeting that they simply wanted to have one big party with their best friends, and all I have to say is: Mission accomplished! Pre-wedding cocktail hour, post-wedding cocktail hour, dancing, delicious dinner, and a Star Wars theme to boot! I could shoot weddings like this all day long :)  There were a few things I had never seen before: broach boquet (SO cool), Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker cake topper (which were actually Larry's childhood toys), and an absolutely stress-free bride and groom! I was honored to be part of this celebration, and I hope more couples will consider the pre-wedding cocktail hour ;) Congratulations, Ann & Larry– I really wish you all the best! 

** This wedding and reception all took place at Springs Orleans restaurant downtown, and I'm happy to report that the food was DELICIOUS and the staff was very kind and helpful! It's worth a visit.

LOVE this!

SO many cute kiddos at this celebration

The Tuesday Night Club! (they've been going to happy hour every Tues for the last 15 years or so)

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ann surely said...

I'm truly in love with the photos - THANK YOU!

Nota bene: it's Han Solo, not Luke Skywalker. Luke is Leia's brother. Gah-ross!

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