Friday, February 13, 2009

OH Glory BE! What a fun wedding to be a part of! The 2-becoming-1 of Mike and Bekah, who are just as full of energy, life, and good old fashioned romance as a couple of high schoolers ... so it should come at no surprise that they've been dating since then - since their good ole days at Rampart High School. They have been together for the better part of about 7 years!!! Mike and Bekah are so fun to photograph and to be with; they just ooze life everywhere they go. They must attract others who do the same because this was one of the most fun wedding parties I've gotten to photograph thus far, too. It's obvious that they have been through so much together -- the way they laugh, the way they know each other, the way they care for each other. It's inspiring! A regular Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski, they are :) Some highlights: (too many to mention them all, first off) Mike seeing Bekah for the first time, under the bridge at Colorado Ave. His face is absolutely priceless, and I limited myself to just putting 2 of these in here. In the middle of the shoot, this kind woman from the Bridge Gallery invited us in to take pictures with the art! The art made a great backdrop, and the wedding party liked me again because they didn't have to stand out in the freezing cold anymore, taking turns on who gets to stand in the sunshine! I also LOVED the ceremony. I joked with M & B afterwards that in almost all the pictures I have of them, they're either laughing or kissing. Mike's response: "Those are our 2 favorite things!" The ceremony was just another chance for them to do their favorite things; in fact, they actually sneaked a kiss during communion, long before the pastor had given 'em permission. And we all got to laugh heartily along with them as they read their vows to each other. Bekah: "I promise to stay well read, so you can read vicariously through me." Mike: "I promise to always order dessert, even if I'm full." And those are the funny vows, but these 2 gems love God even more than they love each other and that is the real beauty in this relationship and in what they promised to each other. Thanks for letting me join in the fun, Difelices! Good luck in GA and AZ!!!


L.C.T. said...

Brilliant photos as ever! They look very happy and sounds like a beautiful day. I miss you!

Carmen said... are amazing. Even more fun then the pictures is your commentary (but the pictures were incredible of course). I work with Becca's dad at Compassion and he says great things about them too.

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