Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Shooting Babies Is Fun! :)

Sweet little Ella is the daughter of my good friend, Jayme Mac (as we called her), who was a fellow counselor with me at Eagle Lake Camp in 2003, '04, and '05! It's always a little weird when your friends start having their own offspring, but it really is a beautiful thing! It was a fun shoot because Jayme and I were able to hang out and catch up in between shots... especially when Ella felt like she needed to get some screams out :) There were definitely some funny outtakes that I'll have to include, because babies just make the most awesome faces when they're screaming bloody murder. But Ella did so great overall and was a really good sport, as we changed her outfits and locations multiple times, made her lay naked on the floor, and tried to stick wedding rings on her toes. Here's some of my faves.


Lauren said...

cute baby! cute pics! cute commentary! i love it and i loved the scream shot. . .so raw. . .so real. ah, life :)

L.C.T. said...

So cool. You're such an awesome photographer. Wait. Will you shoot my wedding? :D:D

Anonymous said...


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