Thursday, October 14, 2010

Business & Arts Luncheon - Colorado Springs

I really love my job. Well, both of them. But there are some days I come home from a shoot and just think "No, I REALLY REALLY love my job today!" Being at this luncheon was one of these days. Not only was it a collection of some really amazing, trailblazing, artistic, and brilliant people who have made big things happen in our community, but I also got to photograph breakdancers and acrobats! And, for those of you who don't know me that well, if I could snap my fingers and be really amazing at one style of dancing, I'd be a b-girl in a heartbeat :) So, of course I asked if they taught lessons and picked up a business card from one of them before I left. In addition, I had the privilege of photographing a breathtaking opera singer, who indeed received a full standing ovation after only 1 song. To say that she gave me chills would be an understatement. I could have photographed and listened to her all day, as her beauty was not limited to her voice alone.

The Business & Arts Luncheon was designed to bring together people who are making a creative difference in our community, via having creative workspaces, giving big money to the arts, or thinking of innovative ways to combine creativity and business. I hope this is an event I get to capture with my camera every year, and many thanks to COPPeR for making it happen.

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