Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Look out for the Goats!

I have seen a lot of B&B's the past few years, as I've been the staff photographer for Acorn Internet Services, and the more you see of something the less it excites you. But this was not the case with the Mountain Goat Lodge (dba CO Crossroads B&B)! From the moment I walked in, I felt at home! I also was really impressed with the way my fabulous hostess, Gina Marcell, decorated in a modern rustic fashion and was able to combine the woodsy, outdoor feel of a cabin with the more modern feel of Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel. It was wonderful!

My room had view that rivals the ending scene in The Sound of Music, and to top that – there were chickens and mountain goats! Gina is actually quite the MGL (mountain goat lady), and she raises them, milks them, and even uses the milk to make her own cheese and to put in lattes (that she's happy to make for all her guests!). I was pretty impressed. And I remained impressed throughout the shoot... until we got out to the pasture with the goats. Then I got scared :) You see, Samson, the "man of the house" (if you know what I mean), was kinda eager to rub his scent on me. And you may think "Why be scared of a goat?" But this was no ordinary goat. No. This was a small buffalo! But Gina was awesome, as is normal for her, and I got back out the gate without a trace of smelly goat scent. All in all, it was such a splendid time, a great photo shoot, a wonderful hostess. Point being, if you are ever the Salida/Buena Vista area, visit Gina at her Mountain Goat Lodge. You won't be sorry!

ps - The reason I photographed Gina's inn is because she's having her website redesigned, so just know that the one you see linked above is NOT her heart's desire :)


L.C.T. said...

Very beautiful. And I can't believe you used the word 'splendid' you Brit you!

Lauren said...

wow, that photo with the chairs and open doors is so crisp it's like I'm actually there. Actually, I wish I was there, with you, and chai, and 2 dozen of our favorite friends: the chocolate chip cookie :)

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