Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sweet, Crazy Seth

This little lad makes me wanna have babies! (and i don't say that lightly or very often) Seth is the son of 2 super creatives named Clay and Krista who go to church with me. Clay makes a living as a bronze sculptor ( and designer of various and sundry things, and Krista is getting into interior design. I love how they love on their kiddos! Krista cracks me up how nostalgic she is about her children's short lives and how bitter-sweet it is for her to watch them grow up so fast. "He's SO BIG" --- phrase used constantly as she looked at these pictures. But enough about the people who made Seth, let's talk about him! He's adorable -- that light blonde hair and dark brown eyes -- and he is a hammy little class clown in the making! He loves to "crazy laugh" and entertain his older brother and sister by making jokes and running around the house in his birthday suit.

I took Seth by myself on this photo shoot, which was a brave move, but I'm glad I did! You never know how something's gonna work until you try, after all. He was very good for the first 20 min. or so, and then I really wanted him to take his shirt off for some of the shots (he has a cute, cute big belly). He wouldn't have any of that. Not even for candy treats! In the end, though, the pictures in his clothes turned out pretty great. And his mother was glad to hear that he wouldn't take off his shirt on the first date... even for chocolate :)

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