Friday, June 20, 2008


One of the coolest high schoolers I've had the privilege of meeting. Claire grew up in a pretty unique family - born in the Philippines, raised in Colorado, a middle child of 5 (2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers). Their father died before Claire hit double digits, and her mother has raised the 5 kids (with the help of lots of friends and neighbors!). Each child in this family is so unique and gifted, and Claire is no exception. Artistic, aesthetic, musical, beautiful, and both socially and spiritually aware -- she's pretty exceptional in a lot of arenas of life.

We had a great time on this shoot! We actually had to do it in 2 parts, waiting for a nice cloud cover to come around and give us premium lighting for the afternoon. The clouds are actually pretty good to us out in Colorado, at least in that way. We shot everything at Glen Eyrie, which is a place that's quite special to Claire's family. She's off to Arizona in the fall for college, and then probably off to change the world ;)

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L.C.T. said...

As always, stunning photos! And I miss you.

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