Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sweet 16

This photo shoot happens to star one of my favorite high schoolers in the youth group - Mikayla, a bubbly, loving cheerleader with bright red hair to match her fiery, passionate personality. But I probably didn't even need to type that; you can just look at these pictures and see! Kudos to Mikayla and her fam for coming up with a really fun and unique way to celebrate a 16th. They hired a friend who's a chef to come and prepare a 4-course meal for Mikayla and several of her friends. All the friends showed up in cute cocktail dresses (can you call them that when 16-year-olds are wearing them??!) and took their seats at the dining room table by their own personal name card. After dinner, we went downstairs and did a photo shoot with Mikayla and all her friends for about an hour with all kinds of fun props, and these girls were HYSTERICAL -- so hammy and wonderful. I barely had to tell them what to do! After the shoot, they come back upstairs for some chocolate fountain action and stayed for a slumber party. In the end, a good time was had by all, and Mikayla had a whole photo shoot worth of images to remember her
special night by.

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gwen said...

what a terrific idea! love your treatment of the sepia one!

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