Saturday, March 09, 2013

The BFFs.

Let me tell you something about my best friends in the world, dear reader. They are FUNny. I'm talking clever, I'm talking witty, I'm talking inappropriate in all the best ways possible. The point is: I love these people. They're some of the best ones I've ever known. I had the chance to do a photo shoot with not one, but both of them last summer. Yep, last summer. Almost a year ago and I'm just now posting it (throwing up the guilt trip wall now for my own protection). One of my best friends is a fellow {amazing!} photographer but lives in Tennessee (, so we like to team up whenever possible, and the other one is ... pregnant (among other things). Well, she was last summer, anyways. She now has a beautiful, playful, and chubby little boy named Garrett that we all love. But before we knew Garrett, we had this photo shoot and had a lot of fun in Knoxville around dusk at a little park. And since these are my BFF's, I know they'll forgive me for all the funny outtake pictures I'm about to post AND for taking almost a year to post them. Right, guys?  :)

Who's excited for parenthood?

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A time for everything: a time to kiss and a time for funny faces.

Well, hey there.

It's for shots like this that I LOVE Matt & Lindsay.

And this.

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