Thursday, October 06, 2011


What a wonderful solution to having to take photos at wedding receptions of people putting food in their mouths or dancing uncomfortably!  I'm so glad I gave the photo booth a chance because I had a TON of fun with it, and it gave me a chance to actually interact with guests (which can be difficult to find time for, usually)!  I loved it. I just got some new lighting that I desperately needed– Elinchrom BRX for those who care about that kinda thing– and it worked like a dream. A dream, I tell ya. I will most definitely be offering this service in the future because it is a heap of laughter, creativity, and a very unique way to remember who was at your wedding!

And before I forget, I need YOUR HELP!  That's right. You there, with the face. Can you help me? It's pretty important to come up with some clever name for my lil' photo booth. I used the name Stellar Booth at Seth + Mackensie's wedding, but I'm really open to suggestions!  Please comment with any ideas you may have. (note: "The Cockpit" has already been ruled out)  :)

**The entire album of "Stellar Booth" shots can be seen here (click here). Seth + Mackensie wanted these photos to be a gift to you, so you are free to download and use these on facebook and such.

LOVE these 2!

This was probably the most clever one I saw all night.

This guy was pretty much a professional photo booth model.


Melody said...

Love the pics...Too CUTE!! Great idea!! Thinking about the name..hmmmm

Knoly said...

This was a very fun addition to a festive wedding reception, & fun looking at the photos now!

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