Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Do you Havasupai?

Words fail me often. There are so many experiences in life that are just beyond explanation because of their magnitude and meaning to me that I can never do justice in describing them. Good thing I'm a photographer and not a writer  :)  So, instead of blabbering on and trying to make beautiful words about this trip I was able to take to the Grand Canyon recently (my FIRST TIME!), I'll just include an excerpt from a letter a wrote to the friend who went with me:

I went to church this morning, and until the worship started, I don't think I had stopped yet to really think about all that our little trip meant to me. But once that music began and I was able to pause and think of all the reasons I had to praise God this morning, I started crying uncontrollably. That trip, and especially that time with you, was an absolute gift, Claire. The more time I spend thinking about it, the less I'm able to put into words what it meant to me. I'm starting to think there just aren't words for that kinda thing. Words to describe the raw beauty, the gift of an oasis in the desert, the redemption of Arizona, the rescue of a Perfect Father, the joy of prayer with a sweet friend, the freedom of skinnydipping in water that's clear blue, the purity of baptism under a waterfall, the satisfaction of trudging through a desert to arrive in paradise, the peace of knowing that the very God who made that canyon cares deeply for us and has our best interest in mind, the euphoria of swimming in waterfalls and sleeping under stars, and most of all... the joy it is to share all of this with a friend, especially a friend who has come to mean so much to me over the years. 

Oh, and of course I'm including photos to capture the journey (since I'm better at that anyways!): 

My 1st time on Route 66!

Ain't she lovely?

They are the only place that still use the Pony Express! No joke!

Entering the Reservation: Hooray for Maize :)

SUCH beautiful water down there

Claire in Mooney Falls

Easily one of the BEST swims we've ever had

Ha. Don't we look so cool?

Last picture I took before we left the canyon

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Lauren said...

Most unreal beautiful pictures (with the exception of my wedding pics, taken by, well, the same photographer) I have ever seen. Can photography make you breathless? I believe it just did.


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