Saturday, December 11, 2010

What's Wrong? (inspired by Highlights Magazine)

Photographing bed & breakfasts has its upsides, for sure - staying in beautiful inns for free, getting to sample their delicious menus, shooting in my sweatpants... the list could go on! But, since one of my favorite magazines as a child was Highlights (y'all remember that one?), which featured an illustration on the back called "What's Wrong?" where you were supposed to spot the weird things going on... fish with sunglasses, mohawks on chimpmunks, birds swimming... you know, the usual. The not-so-upside of b&b photography are the mishaps, but I just realized they would be great material for the "What's Wrong?" game, so I've included a few here to show the not-so-polished side of the work. Who knows? Maybe you'll get a toy if you can find them all...

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