Sunday, May 09, 2010

Indie Spirit Film Festival!

I was honored this year to be the official photographer of the Indie Spirit Film Festival! In its 3rd year, the festival has continued to grow exponentially. There were over 60 filmmakers who made the trek to Colorado Springs to see their films on the big screen. All films were shown in downtown Colorado Springs at Kimball's Twin Peak, our only indie theater. Two of my favorite filmmakers were from Colombia and living in New York City for school. They had been best friends since 3rd grade. One was the actual filmmaker/director and the other was her "PR agent" and well... I can't think of anything specific to share but they were just so cute and so happy to be in Colorado for the first time.

In exchange for my photography services, I was given my first official ad (seen above) and VIP passes. I have to say the VIP passes were pretty incredible; I've never been treated with such respect in my life! There would be a line out the door to see a movie, and I could walk right up to the door and be greeted with a "OH! Right this way, ma'am." Not to mention free Chipotle, free swag, and a super fun opening night party at the Red Martini! I could get used to this! Unfortunately, it's only an annual event...

As for movies, though - Do Elephants Pray? was a favorite. Turns out it won the whole festival as well, which boosts my ego in my movie tastes :) The shorts on the lighter side were also incredibly fun! There was one about a boy who was watching a dancer in the town square from above and had the unfortunate chance of getting his head stuck in the bars on his balcony. So, he grew up with his head in the balcony, until he met a beautiful girl who kissed him so good he plunged right out! And another short film (animated) about a mouse who could fly because he was raised by birds. Or the one about the morgue employee who started taking corpses home with him so he could take the carpool lane to work and avoid tardiness. People are so creative!!! It blows my mind! I was just glad to be a part of it and was glad to spend some time with some lovely friends and assistants, Adam & Brenna. Also, thanks to Matthew Stevens, the visionary behind the festival and a dear friend. Vive la Indie Spirit!

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Shea Halliburton said...

wooooohooooo! :) congrats little pal. so proud. so proud.

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