Monday, May 03, 2010

Suz + Wes Greer

How can one begin to blog and actually do justice to being allowed to capture all the moments from a best friend's BIG DAY? They can't! (which is why it's taken me 5 months to get this up) I deserve a few slaps on the wrist for that. Even now, though this was 5 months ago, this wedding is still so fresh in my mind and remains so special and monumental.

First things first: more people should get married on New Year's Eve! Everyone is looking for something cooler to do than party with Dick Clark, so why not give them a celebration to remember? And why not let me capture it, now that I have New Year's experience? :)

Anyways, I have been a part of this couple's coupledom (?) since it was in its infancy. I was there for the flirting - the games of Sharpie tag and passing the chapstick back & forth (Wes got the last laugh by having his dad, the minister, give the chapstick to Suz right before their nuptial kiss!). I was there for the DTR, for the first dates, the letters to and from in their long distance dating, and the first kisses. Suz is one of those girls that few men were good enough for, but Wes proved himself through and through. "I'm going to be her first kiss and her last kiss," he said to another friend of ours before they were even official. He had his eyes and heart set on her from their first summer at Eagle Lake, and he didn't give up til he got her down the aisle :)

I love them together. I love the celebration that was their wedding. I love that they let me be a part of it. 'Twas truly a great honor ... and a great testimony to the Lord's faithfulness!


wkimlynn said...

Yes it was a BEAUTIFUL Wedding!!! I absolutely love the pictures too! They are full of life!

L.C.T. said...

Awwww I cannot wait to see you and see more like this. SO EXCITED!

skattebo said...

bahaha! I didn't know about the chapstick (or see that pic) until just now! Glad it reared it's ugly little chapstick-head one more time!
I HEART that escalator shot Al- heart it.

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