Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't Get Left Behind! [Plus Win Something Cool]

Hello faithful Stellar Propeller friends!

Thank you for following Stellar Propeller adventures and taking time to read fun stories, see incredible people, places, and sometimes things, and to experience the unexpected happenings behind the camera.

I am continuing this Stellar Propeller blog journey at a new site and I'd love for you to join me!

Please visit me at

Each week I'll post tips, stories, and pictures of the week.  I'll even be doing some contests to win some pretty awesome stuff.

In fact-be sure to check out Friday, February 14th's post for a special lovie dovie picture with a special lovie dovie contest.  You could win something for your sweetheart. . .or for yourself.  No judgement-it's that awesome.

Thanks again for your support!

See you at The New Stellar Propeller Blog!

Don't get left behind!  Follow me to my new blog!

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