Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3rd Wheels and Bicycles.

I should start this blog by saying that I am a professional third wheel. And I have to say... at this point I'm kinda proud of it. I've been practicing since high school since I was friends with Amber Perkins (who was super hot and had new boyfriends all the time), and I feel like a pro. Ally, Greg, Cory, and I had planned to tour around Italy and Ireland together. That's 4 people, for all you non-math types. But, Cory called in March and said he couldn't make it anymore. "That's fine," I thought, "cause Ally and Greg seem pretty fun and easy to be around." Plus, they were just dating, so that seemed pretty non-threatening. And then there were 3.

5 days before I'm planning to meet up with them in Italy. The morning after Lani's "Hen Party" (British bachelorette sha-bang) in London, I called Ally to touch base. "I have something to tell you..."  in that voice where you know that either a) someone is pregnant b) someone is getting married or c) someone is dead. Honestly, I had no idea which one it would be (although I was pretty sure that a) was not the answer. ha.)!

"We got engaged last night in Rome."

My first thought was a flashback to that little girl in Father of the Bride at the dinner table: "Daddy, I met a man in Rome and we're getting married." 

I was totally shocked! I mean, they're only 20 and have only been dating about 8 months... definitely not the "normal" timeline for these kinds of things. But "normal" isn't always best and I have to say that, I love being with Ally and Greg. Being able to travel with people is a pretty big deal, and we all rode ferries and tour buses and trains and planes and bikes together for over a week with no meltdowns or Jerry Springer-worthy fights. In fact, it was pretty full of laughter and perfect. And I'm glad, because Ally deserves perfect. I have mentored Ally since she was in high school, and she's a little sister to me. I'm so glad I got to be the first one to see her after she made this major life decision to marry Greg, so glad I got to be around the 2 of them because I love how they complement each other and laugh so much, so glad I got to experience Europe with them ('cause I LOVE Europe) and so glad I get to photograph their wedding and document their love! 

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Carmen said...

You are so great! I love reading your blog and seeing your photos and getting to know your friends through your eyes.

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