Monday, April 18, 2011

A Toast To Love.

Well, I already exhausted some of my most meaningful thoughts and feelings about Andy & Lauren a couple of posts below in their engagement photo blog, so I suppose I can just dedicate this one to actually talking about their BIG day!  In a word: incredible. A great couple, a great collection of people, lovely weather, loads of cupcakes and cookies (Lauren's totally addicted) and one rockin' dance party at the reception. Highlights: photographing in the CUTEST candy shop, Lola's (if you're in downtown Littleton you must stop in for some handmade treats), using lots of fun props like pink balloons, hand knives, and Izze sodas, sitting on the balcony with the wedding party after the ceremony just hangin' out (I'd never had a beer in church before... Ssshh), watching Lauren & Andy be hoisted up in chairs as if they were Jewish, and getting to dance like it was the last night of our lives with an awesome group of people at an awesome reception!  Cheers to these 2 and cheers to everyone who made that day and night so wonderful!

Post-Ceremony hangout. I love everything about this photo...

Andy sees his bride for the first time (and had to take a seat)
the morning texts :)

Lauren's dream come true: Synchronized Dance!

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